The Following Torah Codes were found with Keys to the Bible software. The searches were done on current topics and should be viewed with discernment. I use Google Translate, Wikipedia and other Internet sources and Bible Keys software for translations.

These pages will be updated as new codes are found and posted.


 The largest storm ever recorded - TYPHOON HAIYAN


Main term reads - Wikileaks what Knowledge. the word DOCUMENT also runs backwards through KNOWLEDGE which ties in with the word DUPLICATOR, WIKILEAKS certainly caused a CONVULSION amongst the goverments of the world. GARROTTE 

Jeriel = God has seen. Jecoliah = God makes able. Issay = Yahweh is salvation. RAYEL I Am The Lord.

Torah Codes have been discovered on Julian Assange and posted in the Celebrity Codes page.


 The Crop Circle is a continuing phenomena that have many intellectuals studying their patterns for encoded messages. 

CROP CIRCLE only appearred once throughout the Torah. The word CALIBRATE appeared 4 times in the matrix, i have shown 2 to keep the matrix clearer. TO THE INTELLECT WATCH.

 more information on Crop Circles can be found at


Main term reads - Exhausted Fukushima Sodden From. 


Legal Hashish - to the Underworld - a craving for. 



Yin and Yang Beauty - Torah code.